BLOG | Message to GHEA

Congratulations galore to the current forward-looking GHEA president in setting up a Website for the Association in line with the goals of the founding members to progress and keep pace with scientific developments.

Time was when the landscape of Home Economics was stereotyped to females. Worse still was the erroneous cliché that the subject was equated to cooking and a preserved area for academically never do well females.

I am excited that GHEA has moved a step further on the information highway to tell Ghanaians that, Home Economics is an all-embracing subject and we operate in many spheres of life: be it in the arts or Sciences. We are in social welfare, fashion and hospitality industry, health, agriculture, politics and many more. However, majority of us are in education at all the various levels in order to fine tune and disseminate best practices of the subject.

I urge all GHEA members to exploit this technological opportunity and refuse to cling to unprogressive conservation.

I earnestly hope that GHEA members will display commitment and unflinching support to their leaders; be more confident to make their presence felt and impact on national Policy for the benefit and development of all Ghanaians. Keep the vision of the founding members afloat!!

Good Luck and stay blessed.
From Mrs. Edith Francois.


Our noble profession derives its name from the Greek word “Okionomia” which translates as “Household Management”. How to earn income and use available resources in the household unit for its necessities, comfort and luxury. Therefore, every responsible adult, male or female, in a household unit is a potential Home Economist.

However, the professionals bring to the fore activities in various areas of occupations fine tune them to further the progress and development of society

GHEA organizes professional development workshops and conferences to update its members.

It collaborates with other Association and organizations to impact on National Policies.

  1. It may be recalled when drinking water was sold on the streets in bathing galvanized buckets dispensed in a single same cup to buyers. GHEAs advocacy and in partnership with AMA led to the banning of the unhygienic practice.
  2. GHEA was instrumental in educating street vendors to display their wares in wire-net enclosures to prevent flies settling on the food, a recipe for many preventable diseases.
  3. GHEA collaborated with the nutrition department in the Ministry of Health to develop and propagate the use of “Chorkor Stove” as a basic appropriate technology to help fish mongers smoke larger quantities of fish at a time and more importantly, reduce inhalation of smoke.
  4. GHEA accepted that the subject is not only science but includes the arts as well so agreed to change its name from GHANA HOME SCIENCE ASSOCIATION (GHSA) to GHANA HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION (GHEA).
  5. GHEA has written textbooks for use in Senior High Schools.
  6. GHEA has worked tirelessly to break the myth that the subject is meant for only females. Currently male students are enthusiastically enrolling in the subject at the tertiary institutions.
  7. GHEA has instituted a National Remembrance Service for their deceased members where bereaved family members are invited to participate.
  8. GHEA’s National Executive is based in Accra but it has branches in all the regions in Ghana. Each branch works on projects peculiar to its regional environment. An example is the “Well Mother Well Baby Project” that was based in rural Accra.
  9. GHEA was affiliated to Home Economics Association of Africa (HEAA) and organized the FIRST ALL AFRICA HOME ECONOMICS CONFERECE in Accra, Ghana in 1987.
  10. GHEA is a member of the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) and has enjoyed several years of partnership with some IFHE members such as Canadian Home Economics Association (CHEA), Saskatoon Home Economic Association (SHEA) in various projects.
  11. GHEA celebrates the annual World Home Economics Day and participates in the World food Day Celebrations.
  12. In the year 2000, GHEA was the first and still the only African country yet, to host very successfully the quadrennial IFHE world Congress in Accra, Ghana.
  13. GHEA continues to work assiduously to disseminate best practices in managing the home at the grassroots for family thriving.