From The President’s Desk

Greetings to all Home Economists who have ensured that the torch of Ghana Home Economics Association (GHEA) continuous to burn since its inception to present. Kudos to past executives who did a great job by engaging in activities that promoted healthy family living in Ghana.

The mission of the Ghana Home Economics Association (GHEA) is to lead and support members in providing excellence in home economics for the improved quality of life of individuals, families and communities in Ghana. This mission can only continue to materialize if we acknowledge, respect, and appreciate each other’s competences, innate tendencies and harness all for growth and sustainable success. The need for us to unite and contribute towards the growth of GHEA cannot be overemphasized.

For over a decade, the Association has been extremely dormant concerning its mission and narrowed its activities to the celebration of World Home Economics Day, Annual General Meetings and Biennial Conferences instead of identifying specific family related issues hindering the progress of the nation and finding ways of addressing them.

The time has come for us to wake up from our slumber as an association and make our presence felt by living our dynamic subject. The time has come for Ghana to feel our presence through the numerous activities we engage in to contribute towards the development of our dear nation Ghana. The time has come for us to make people appreciate the need to apply the principles of Home Economics for healthy family living.

I am grateful to the LORD God Almighty for blessing us with a website after 52 years of the Association’s existence. It is my hope that it will be used to disseminate information that will increase our knowledge base in the field as well as sharpen our skills for effective teaching and learning of the subject. May this website also contribute to the visibility of the subject and increase our membership. Finally, may this website make prospective sponsors realize our seriousness and give us sponsorship packages that will enable us venture into activities that will promote healthy family living.

Home Economics for family thriving, Home Economics for every home. May GHEA be become a household name in Ghana.

Thank you.